Our project

     Nordplus Adult programme • Collaboration project • development projects

    Target group:

 professionals, working with mentally disabled youth

 those, who would like to learn topic more deeply and to get confidence in mentally disabled youth sex education.

    Duration of the project: 29 months


all the partners (EE; DK; LT) responsible:

 national level
 to work on all topics
 to collect main data on each topic (national language)
 to translate main data on each topic to EN

 international level
 to coordinate the particular topics
 to collect all data from other partners on particular topic
 to summarize data on particular topic
 to send summarized data to the coordinator
 to send data to coordinator in time

How to coordinate the particular topic  ?

to give particular topics to partners to work on
to give questionnaires (for staff, mentally disabled youth, parents, people from outside…)
to ask to make an interviu
to ask to make a short presentation
to taste some methods or exercises
and etc...
sum up the results

Coordinator Responsible (Lithuania)

to folow time table
to collect data from partners
to administrate budgete
to do evatuations

Guideline for Sex Education


 collection all data in time (Lithuania)
 design (All partners)
 publication (All partners)